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Welcome to Chingona Soles, Phoenix’s premier Stiletto Art & Fashion Show, blending high fashion, vibrant culture, and impactful philanthropy! Celebrate exceptional talents and our commitment to empowering minority communities through art and advocacy.

The Spirit of a Chingona

What Makes a Chingona?  

Strength. Confidence. Independence.

Discover the essence of “Chingona,” a term that resonates deeply within Latinx cultures, celebrating women who are bold, strong, and masters of their destinies. This empowering label honors those who defy expectations to forge their paths and inspire change. Embrace the spirit of Chingona at our event, where we spotlight the resilience and brilliance of women who make a difference in their communities and beyond.
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Meet the Visionary

Tania Torres

The Heart Behind the Heels

Meet Tania Torres, the visionary founder of Chingona Soles and CEO of Torres Multicultural. Driven by her rich heritage and a passion for making a difference, Tania has masterfully blended creativity with community impact, turning Chingona Soles into more than just an event—it’s a movement. Her personal journey and commitment to her roots infuse every aspect of the show, celebrating culture, art, and empowerment with each stiletto step.

This Year’s Theme:

The Art of

This year’s Chingona Soles embraces “The Art of Transformation,” showcasing a dynamic fusion of avant-garde fashion and unique stiletto designs. With the help of 100 artists, our signature Stiletto Auction features one-of-a-kind creations, with 100% of proceeds going to women-focused non-profit causes, empowering and uplifting through every bid. Get ready for a fashion show that makes bold statements and pushes boundaries, highlighting the transformative power of art and style.

Celebrating 15 Years of Impact


A Quinceañera of Community and Creativity

Torres Multicultural, Arizona’s premier multicultural marketing agency, celebrates 15 years of vibrant community engagement and impactful creativity. Marking this milestone, our Quinceañera highlights the agency’s journey through major community projects and initiatives that have shaped the cultural landscape. Join us as we honor a legacy of diversity, innovation, and community transformation at Torres Multicultural.

Heart and Soul of the Show

Artists Unite for Charity

Our stiletto artists, the vibrant lifeblood of Chingona Soles, transform ordinary black stilettos into amazing works of art. Each year, we collaborate with dozens of talented local and national artists who generously donate their time and resources. Their unique creations are later auctioned to support vital charitable causes, embodying the spirit of generosity and creativity at the heart of our movement. Congratulations to the following artists for being selected to participate in the 2024 Chingona Soles!
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Runway Reimagined

Spotlight on Emerging Fashion Talents

Each year at Chingona Soles, we shine the spotlight on two to three emerging designers by featuring their work on our runway. This platform uplifts the fresh, innovative designs of fashion’s future stars, providing them with a unique opportunity to showcase their talent to a broad, engaged audience. Join us as we celebrate the artistry and vision of up-and-coming fashion icons.

Commitment to Advocacy

Driving Social Impact
Through Art

Annually, Chingona Soles raises $10,000 for each of our chosen nonprofit organizations, making a significant impact in the lives of many. Our partners, including the Los Diablos chapter of the ASU Foundation and the Dolores Huerta Foundation, focus on empowering Latino students and advocating for social justice. Through your support, we continue to empower and inspire, one auction at a time.

Join the Movement

Connect with Chingona Soles

Join the Chingona Soles community! For inquiries, ticket information, and more, simply call, email us or follow our social media pages. Our website is currently under enhancement to bring you the latest updates—please check back soon to connect and discover more!


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