Chingona Soles has taken place since 2012, featuring local and national artists to create fully personalized stiletto art.

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¿Que es

Chingona Soles?

Chingona Soles is a celebration of women through art and fashion with a multicultural crowd. It is an annual event quickly becoming a tradition in the Phoenix community.

Chingona Soles is one of the biggest VIP annual social events in Phoenix attended by “who’s who” event of Phoenix. There are VIP’s, celebrities, politicians and trendsetters in attendance.

Chingona Soles is also a very classy high end fashion show featuring the hottest fashions from local designers. The TMC building back alley is transformed into a unique runway experience complete with a stage, runway, chandelier lighting and entertainment.



The soles that are produced tell a story and help to honor Latino Culture, Latino Lives, and what it means to be a Chingona, who is a strong independent woman, a confident member of the Latino community who stands up for what she believes in. A Chingona strives for success and is proud of her accomplishments.

50 different artists transform a black stiletto into an artistic expression of a Chingona Sole. Stilettos are then auctioned off to the community with proceeds benefiting education the Los Diablos Chingona Scholarship at Arizona State University.

Our featured artists, joining the Chingona movement

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